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Featured on the SIU Website

June 8th, 2009

Just in case anyone wanted to practice their Norwegian, you can check out this link and read the article posted on the The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) site.

Hope everyone has enjoyed going through pictures and sharing about your experiences in Norway!  Maybe someone hopes to study abroad there soon…


PS — Dr. Wolcott provided a translation for us:

Celebrated 17th of May in Kristiansand

A group of American students and staff from the University of Nebraska at Omaha got a chance to experience Norway and the national holiday in conjunction with a 10-days visit.

The program for the group of around 30 people was tightly packed, with lectures at the University in Agder, visits to Kristiansand, Stavanger and Oslo, sightseeing and celebration of 17th of May.  A partnership between UiA and UNO is part of an Educational and Cultural Immersion project.

For Nick Monge (23), the trip was his first encounter with Scandinavia.  A lecture on Norwegian culture and core values was for him among the interesting.

“In a week in Norway I’ve seen how different the concept of ‘equality’ is understood and practiced here in comparison to the USA.  It’s almost a joke when we Americans talk about equality; we don’t really practice it,” he says.  Monge is pursuing international studies and Spanish at UNO.

Jessica Clem (25), a student of urban studies, thinks it was interesting to see how the local community came together to celebrate the 17th of May.  “It was fantastic to march in the parade and be a part of the community’s celebration,” she says.  The students, who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in variety of disciplines, had time to get to know students at UiA who are planning a trip to Nebraska at a later time.

“For me this was some of the best part of the visit,” says the 22 year old Felician Synowicki, who is studing teacher education and social studies.

The students have blogged regularly, and you can read more on how the visit seemed to the 20 students at http://norwaytrip09.ist.unomaha.edu/

By: Kjersti Brown


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